The Federal Reserve Bank is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people! It’s also the most solidly documented and little known.


The American people falsely believe they are free.  As a fact of law, we are comfortable slaves imprisoned on a treadmill owned by individual billionaires.

The Federal Reserve Bank is no more “federal” than Fed-Ex and there is NO “reserve.”

FED RES NOTE close up Silver Certificate FED RES NOTE

Silver Certificate  VS.  Federal Reserve Note

One is MONEY.  One is DEBT to a group of rich guys.

Look at the upper left text on a dollar from your pocket. It reads, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”   Tender means “offer” because its NOT MONEY, it’s a debt that was printed out of thin air by our slave masters, the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.


The Federal Reserve Bank is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANK.  They print this DEBT INSTRUMENT and LOAN it to the American people at interest!


If we ever paid all the “dollars” back to the Federal Reserve Bank, we would STILL OWE THE INTEREST.


Google:  Grace Comission, Reagan.

The Grace Comission found that 100% of our TAX dollars go to pay INTEREST on the FEDERAL DEBT (to the privately owned Federal reserve Bank).  Not one cent goes to pay for ANY government program, not highways, schools, NOTHING!


This video clearly explains it in 9:53


There is NO LAW requiring any American citizen to pay Federal Income Tax on domestic earned income. 

Google/Youtube search:  Joe Bannister  

Joe is a former IRS agent who trained armed agents to raid private properties for the IRS.  Joe resigned his position after learning the truth.  He questioned his superiors about the information and they couldn’t answer his questions but did ask for his resignation.


This topic is very heavily documented so instead of attempting to address the issue here, I refer you to Google and Youtube to search the following terms:



Federal Reserve Bank fraud

1913, Jekyll Island

Woodrow Wilson, Federal Reserve Act

Grace comission Reagan

Joe Bannister IRS Fraud

16th Amendment was never ratified

16th Amendment Supreme Court


Liberty Dollar









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